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Once your order is complete, every information you provide when purchasing our products will be checked. 

It might occur that even after your order is fully confirmed, one or more articles are marked sold out. 

In that case, the articles that are sold out, at the time you place an order, it will be canceled and fully refunded within two to five days. 

( *Please allow 24-72 hours for order processing and check-up excluding weekends and holidays )






Shipping costs vary by country, so please check the delivery amount before ordering ( *US $10 )

Shipping process

7 to 14 working days


 * We do not offer any EXPRESS option due to a large number of orders.

 * We do not refund any package that has been sent back to us due to an absence of contact.

 * In case the address is not well written and there are no answers from the customer after contact then your order is not eligible for a refund.


Please read carefully the information below before you place your order 

(*shipping time estimations do not include any time possibly spent in customs)


Customs Policy


Payment of any duty and import tax is the full responsibility of the international customer.
You will be responsible for paying the taxes and duties upon delivery of the order.

We do not cover the cost of customs, duties, and taxes that are regulated and issued by your government.
Unfortunately, these fees are beyond our control and those will not be calculated when processing to the checkout.
 We recommend you to contact your local customs office for more information regarding these costs.


If the recipient refuses delivery of their order due to a customs charge your package will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the shipping carrier and therefore, your order is not eligible for a refund.


*Once an order has been shipped and is in transit, it is not possible to cancel the order nor modify any informations you wrote when purchasing on our website. 


Partial Shipping


Sometimes we might ship items within your order separately, as they are readied.
We will partially ship items from your order that are fully processed and ready to be shipped.
This is so you will not have to wait for your entire order to be ready, before receiving any of your items.

Lost Packages


Orders that are not received by the recipient and therefore sent back are not eligible for a refund


Unfortunately, we are not responsible for packages that may become lost in transit. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to track their package and monitor its status. 

If delivery takes longer than the delivery time, please contact the customer service at 


Please send us an email with all the information required so that we can help you properly.

If you don't contact us in the form below, it may be difficult to answer.




- Order number : 20240111-0000111

- ID: 24SS

- Order Name : Badee

- Inquiries / Color / Size : Newness Jogger Pants / Black / S Size

- Type of inquiry: ( Product / Delivery / Order / Exchange / Return / Refund / Other ) : 

How may I help you?

Thank you, 


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